10+ Old Photos of Grandmas Whose Youth and Beauty Take Our Breath Away

Back in the day, our grandmothers didn’t have a wide array of choices when it came to clothes and makeup, they didn’t use Photoshop and photo filters, they didn’t visit the spa, and they definitely didn’t get beauty injections like modern celebrities. But they were still beautiful enough to take our breath away. This collection from Bright Side is so inspiring that it may make you… Read More »

12 Retro Photos That Capture the Beauty of the Human Body

When we think of something “retro” we imagine cars, music, clothes, and photographs of course. No one would argue that retro pictures are a pleasure to an eye. They have impeccable style, and people somehow seem to be simple yet elegant no matter what they’re doing. The definition of retro style implies that new things show features of the past. We’d definitely like to have those body features that you’re about… Read More »