34 Rare Photos That Show a New Side of This World

It’s not necessary to be a cool photographer to take a good photo. Being in the right place at the right time is often enough to capture an image that will excite people’s minds and make thousands of internet users discuss and share it with their friends. Bright Side collected 34 such photos that will assure you once again that our world is full of amazing things. A cat’s paw via a macro… Read More »

22 Photos Proving That Women Are Simply Wonderful

It’s no wonder that so many poems and songs are dedicated to women and that so many reckless acts have been committed in an attempt to get a woman’s attention; women are amazing. They are kind and caring, beautiful and funny, smart and resourceful, and the list can go on endlessly. Bright Side would like to share some photos of women who show just how multifaceted a woman’s personality… Read More »

23 Photos Where the Background Is Funnier Than the Main Action

“Look again!” we are told when we look at a photo and still can’t see what’s so funny about it. The same thing happened with these photos from the internet: you just can’t immediately see what’s wrong with them. Bright Side found 23 photos with a trick in their background. There is also a bonus for you at the end of the article to prove that you can stay true… Read More »

30 perfect photos of famous people at their most charismatic

As Wikipedia states, the term ’charisma’ comes from ancient Greek χάρισμα (khárisma), which means ’favor freely given’ or ’gift of grace.’ Today the expression ’to have charisma’ or ’to be charismatic’ means to possess the natural ability of ’being lovable’ and winning people’s attention with the blink of an eye. We compiled this list of 40 super talented and crazily charismatic actors and musicians.… Read More »

20 unbelievably beautiful photos that prove children are truly a miracle

The birth of a child is surely one of the greatest miracles that can happen in life. Those nine months of worry and anxiety spent waiting for the baby, and everything that the expectant mother has to go through during childbirth itself, make this period a truly unforgettable experience for both parents. The moment when the baby finally arrives is so fully of intimacy and fragility that… Read More »

Vivian Maier: an extraordinary but unknown street photographer

You won’t be able to find out a lot about Vivian Maier. She is not a famous photographer, and not even a single photo that she took was published during her lifetime. In 2007, local historian John Maloof purchased a box loaded with Vivian Maier’s negatives from a Chicago auction house. At first he didn’t even know how valuable his purchase was. But when Maloof saw… Read More »

These 20 Utterly Amazing Photos Will Change the Way You Look at the World

In this post, we collected 18 photos that not that many people have ever seen. Here they are — the most unusual perspectives and unfamiliar things that can be found on Earth. © facebook.com That’s not a pebble on top of a photo. That’s the opposite side of the Moon, with the entire Earth in the background — a photo from NASA offering an extremely rare view of all of humanity. ©… Read More »

18 fascinating black and white pictures that will brighten your mood

Photos are those rare treasures that depict life in all its diversity and unbelievable beauty. If you experience a sudden burst of emotions when you see black and white images, then that means that the photographer was talented enough to capture the moment with all its aesthetic value, mood and subtlety. Bright Side selected 18 stunning black and white pictures that we think… Read More »

30 Photos That Can Only Be Described As “I Won’t Believe It Until I See It”

Have you ever seen pizza in a circular box? How about $20,000,000 under a mattress? We were also quite surprised when we first saw what you’re about to see. Bright Side collected 30 photos that will help forget about routine life and dive into the world of things left unexplored. At the end of the article, you will see the first movie in the history of humankind. Get… Read More »