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8 Things Your Lips Are Trying to Tell You About Your Health

Our lips have more than a million nerve endings and are much more sensitive than our fingertips. They need special care. Sometimes they can signal to us that we have some real problems with our health and that we need to pay proper attention to these conditions. We at Bright Side believe that it’s not just the eyes, but also the lips that can be a mirror of your… Read More »

11 Actresses Who Were Brave Enough to Sacrifice Their Beauty for a Role

Truly talented actresses can pull off very different roles, including the ones where they have to transform into really unattractive women. In order to make the transformation look real, they have to do very different things: lose or gain a lot of weight in a very short time, wear shapeless clothes, or spend a lot of time in makeup that covers up their beauty. All this effort is appreciated by regular viewers… Read More »

9 Signs You Need to Stop Drinking Milk

From broken bones to fatigue, dairy can be the primary reason for some of your health problems. And you may have not even thought to blame milk. So, next time you’re preparing your shopping list, you may want to consider this. We, at Bright Side, have listed the symptoms for you to review while considering your relationship with dairy. At the end of our article,… Read More »

12 Wicked Movie Villains That Also Used to Be Young and Harmless

Most actors from this article are famous for their roles as villains. We forgot what some of them looked like in their youth: some of them started their movie careers or became famous only when they were already pretty old (for example, Alan Rickman), and others are very connected with the appearance of the characters they created. Bright Side remembers the main villains… Read More »

Models Reveal Their “Body Flaws”, and Their Words Can Make You Love Yourself

The idea of the perfect female body image influences us so much that even girls at 9 years old fall for it! But fortunately, there are models ready to destroy it and show their true beauty. After all, we all have wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars. And how wonderful it is not to be ashamed of them! We at Bright Side admire the models who choose to uncover the truth about their bodies without… Read More »

20+ Pics That Prove the World Will Never Stop Surprising Us

From the amazing eyes of a blind cat, to a half male-half female butterfly, to an albino reindeer, to an ant`s face under a microscope — these pictures remind us that there are still so many extraordinary things around us, and that the one who seeks beauty will always find it. Here at Bright Side we`re always thirsty for startling, rare photos that expand our horizons and we`re excited to share them… Read More »

15 Pairs of Celebrities That Look So Much Alike It’s Astonishing They Don’t Come From the Same Family

Have you ever been watching a movie and suddenly confuse the protagonist with another actor? This is pretty normal, and there are several characters from films and TV that are so similar, they could pass as family. Do you want to see who we’re talking about? Keep reading! Bright Side has paired some celebrities that resemble each other for you. 1. Kristen Stewart… Read More »

10 Celebrities Who Have Unexpected Famous Relatives

While most celebrities love to make every little detail of their lives a headline, there are some who have managed to keep a few things low-key. From having royal blood, to being a descendant of great political leaders, some celebrities have such unexpected famous relatives that you will have a hard time believing that they really belong to the same family! Bright Side has put together… Read More »

5 Signs Your Lungs Are Gasping for Help

Today, fresh air is becoming a rare resource, meaning that, more than ever, we have to pay attention to our lungs and the signs they give us when something is not okay. It turns out that some of these signs are pretty easy to dismiss, but if you pay attention, they might save your life. Here at Bright Side we’ve compiled a few symptoms that might indicate you need… Read More »

The Story of Jason Statham’s Love That Proves Age Is Literally Just a Number

They are one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood. The romance of model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and actor Jason Statham has lasted for almost 10 whole years! The tabloids have continued to wonder how long their relationship will last, because one might argue that it’s not a perfect match. But their love story has proven to be the quite opposite! Here at Bright Side we got… Read More »