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The Best Free Conference Call Services

1. RingCentral FREE UP TO 100 PARTICIPANTS VIDEO, SCREEN SHARE, & MESSAGING VOIP PHONE SERVICE PLANS SMALL TO ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS Ditch traditional business phone plans with RingCentral. They offer modern solutions for the modern office. If you get their phone plan you also get video conferencing features included. That’s because RingCentral offers more than conference calls. It’s also a VoIP… Read More »

Make Money Online Without Investment

make money online without investment 1.Start a Blog to Make Money Online: Well, it is a long process of making money online. What you need to start a blog is purchase hosting, themes and domain. But now, you can start your blog even without spending a single penny. It is one of the best methods… Read More »

YouTube ban: Google blocks new uploads to Donald Trump’s channel after Capitol riots, citing potential for violence

Google’s YouTube has blocked President Donald Trump’s official channel from uploading new content for at least a week, citing the potential for violence following the deadly Capitol siege. In a video of remarks made to reporters that was uploaded to Trump’s YouTube channel Tuesday, the president said that impeaching him for inciting violence at the Capitol… Read More »

11 Problems That Every Women Can Relate To

And even then, sometimes things just don’t go the way we planned them to. Conforming to societal standards for female beauty is no easy task for a woman. However, many women do it anyways. Afterall, we are the alleged “fairer” and sometimes it’s nice to play to part. Next time you see a woman in… Read More »

Can You Find the Disturbing Detail In This Photo?

I was browsing Imgur when I saw a challenge — someone posted a picture with the title, “It took me forever to find out what’s wrong here.” So naturally, being someone who can’t find the glasses on top of her head, I thought I was qualified to try and figure it out. Here is the picture in… Read More »

29 People Share Some Of The Funniest Fashion Fails

Fashion designing is quite a cool means of living. The process itself is a little long, though. And, along the way, designers often get lost. From doing sketches to creating the actual clothing, fashion designers can either bring out the best in themselves or the worst. So, here are 30 funny fashion fails that can either give… Read More »