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Beauty and Best 15 Best beaches in the world

fiji # 1 best beaches in the world When 333 removed to the magnificent resorts of the island, with the sea or shines, of the shore of the sandy beaches of Fiji, without the end of the transfer to the higher ground, they can go to the gardens there. If you want to vacation snorkel,… Read More »

An Awesome Japanese Technique to Make Your Eyes Look Younger — It Only Requires One Minute

Looking in a mirror we can see that our age starts to show in our eyes, making us look tired and sad. The brows, upper eyelids, and the outer corners of the eyes go down and small wrinkles start to appear on the face. They might even become deep because of facial swelling. A special massage called Shiatsu can help rejuvenate and “restore” the area around eyes… Read More »

50 Eye Catching Photos That Can’t Be Unseen

You never know when you’re going to walk into that perfect moment. It can happen to anyone, to stumble upon something so flawless that it will make you stop and gasp. To be perfect, all the required or desirable elements must be as good as they can possibly be, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can even catch that incredible moment on camera. Bright Side has found spectacular images of those special… Read More »

Most Awkward Moments Captured Ever

Everyone has had one of those moments in life where something goes horribly, horribly wrong. Whether it be falling down a flight of stairs in front of a huge crowd of people, dropping your small sibling on their head, accidentally spilling an entire tray of drinks on an unsuspecting customer, or having an unfortunate run-in… Read More »

the 20 wirdest stock photo in the history od the internet

Lights, shadows and colors can significantly change the way things look. Lines on paper can create an optical illusion and objects around us can appear to float in the air. You might want to rub your eyes and look at the photos we prepared more than once. It took Bright Side several seconds to understand what was… Read More »

75 times people took posing with sculptures to another level

Sculpture art is often seen as very serious, grand, and glorious, especially when depicting some war general or famous person. That seriousness almost always obligates us to stand graciously and composed in front of every famous sculpture. Now, if anyone tells you that posing for pictures near a statue is dull because of the need… Read More »

The 40 Best Pranks Ever Captured In GIFs

Confession time, we’re GIF people. In other words, we love using GIFs to communicate. Why send a long, belabored text using actual words, when a GIF can deliver the exact same message in seconds. Turns out, other people are GIF people too. Here are the 17 GIFs they find hilarious. In comedy, there’s a thing called setup… Read More »