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24 Photos That Will Reveal More Truth About This World

The world around us never ceases to amaze. But with today’s access to the Internet, it’s hard to believe there are still things we don’t know about the world! But have you ever seen what a skull of a whale looks like or what what the flying animals from the era of the dinosaurs looked like? We at Bright Side couldn’t help but be amazed at every photo shown in this… Read More »

14 Photoshop Experiments Where Something Went Wrong

Photoshop is the magic wand of modern times. It lets professionals create real masterpieces and nobody doubts that their photos are real. However, sometimes inexperienced artists use photoshop to create pictures while leaving small errors that go unnoticed until they’re published on the covers of popular magazines. Bright Side has made a compilation of epic Photoshop fails that many people didn’t notice at first. 1. ©… Read More »

26 Rare Photos of Celebrities in Ways We Weren’t Expecting to See Them

Cameras surround famous people literally everywhere. And, even though we’re already used to the images that we’ve seen many times in movies, on TV, and in magazines we can still be surprised by random, real life, or offscreen photos. Bright Side has collected several candid and rare photos of our favorite celebrities that will let you see them in a new light. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone… Read More »

22 Photos That Can Make Anyone Not Believe Their Eyes

Have you ever seen a hedgehog dog, flowers in the shape of a skull, or ghost bikers? No? Well, get ready to see them now. We are presenting you with photos of ’miracles’ that happened because of unusual angles, playing with light or shadows, and our imagination. Bright Side collected 23 photos that you might want to look at twice and maybe even a thrid time to understand what’s going… Read More »

25 ’Before and After’ Photos That Are Difficult to Tear Our Eyes Away From

We all perceive change differently — some notice how computers have changed in the past years, others share their progress in painting in the last 10 years, and some of us keep looking at our favorite photo again and again. Anyway, it’s interesting to look at all of these shots. Bright Side collected unusual examples for you of ’before and after’ photos that will easily surprise you.… Read More »

26 Women’s Trends That Can Make Your Hair Stand on End

Turns out that decorations don’t always decorate – at least that’s what modern designers think. They shock society by using 100% of their imagination and create some truly weird stuff. While these trends may be unique and impressive, they’re definitely not for everyday use. Bright Side has collected the best examples of such unique trends that… Read More »

19 Hair-Raising Photos That Can Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Do you believe in the supernatural? Have you ever encountered anything unexplainable and scary? If you are the one who likes this kind of thing, then this compilation of frightening photos from different internet users is specially for you. Bright Side collected 19 photos for you that will send chills down your spine, scary movie style. At the end of the article, there’s proof… Read More »

25 Photos That Can Easily Trick Your Eyes

They say that seeing is believing. But what if we said that this isn’t always true? The following photo compilation displays how easy it is for our brains to trick us. Bright Side collected 25 photos that you’ll want to look at twice…or maybe more. Who is holding whom? © unknown/imgur Nice legs! © charsiubox/imgur Continue Reading On Next Page Below