10 Unusual Photos of People Getting Photobomb

By | December 10, 2020

6. Timeless Beauty

Source: Instagram/daria_milky

A beautiful red-head is nothing new, and sure, there seems to be a worldwide superstition that ginger haired folk are lacking in the soul department, but with eyes like these, we find that a little hard to believe.

Pale skin, freckles, red hair…these are three separate features that hundreds of thousands of women complain about having, but this young girl proves that the extraordinary features make for their own stunning beauty. It’s no great wonder that gingers have been considered beautiful throughout the ages!

7. Mysteriously Mystical

Source: Instagram/melvnin

Silver hair is usually associated with old age, and therefore is the iconic look of old wizards, witches, faeries, and mystics. This beautiful young girl is breathing new life into the outdated and misbranded color.

The rich cocoa shade of her skin stands in sharp, eye-catching contrast to her shimmering silver mane. The silver also brings out the beautiful gray values at play in her eyes, lending her a breathtakingly mystic glow.

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