10 Unusual Photos of People Getting Photobomb

By | December 10, 2020

8. The Beauty Of Genetics

Source: Instagram/domineckamarkova

While beauty is often found to be hardwired in our family genes, it generally tends to skip a generation or two. That’s not the case with this crystal-eyed bunch, though.

The woman in the picture is standing with her father and grandfather to showcase their genealogical beauty. Too bad she didn’t make mention of a brother, though. Sorry ladies!

9. The Beauty Of Two

Source: Instagram/officialmekhilucky_

Over the course of history, the term two-faced has taken on an entirely negative connotation. While being two-faced in terms of personality is definitely not a good thing, having the physical appearance of two faces can be absolutely stunning!

This remarkable young man was born with heterochromia, a condition where the iris of each eye is a different color. The simple change in eye color from one side of his face to another makes it appear as though he is two different people sharing one face, and both are beautiful!

10. Beautiful Freckles

Source: Instagram/swalina

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