29 People Share Some Of The Funniest Fashion Fails

By | December 10, 2020

Fashion designing is quite a cool means of living. The process itself is a little long, though. And, along the way, designers often get lost. From doing sketches to creating the actual clothing, fashion designers can either bring out the best in themselves or the worst. So, here are 30 funny fashion fails that can either give you a tickle in the tummy or just make you laugh out loud.

So, back then, what fashion material did people crave for? The answer is simple: it’s loincloth. After the skirt, the loincloth is considered to be the earliest form of clothing. To date, some regions in the world would still wear loincloths, and as a result, they continue to inspire similar fashion trends. For instance, you’ll find that some underwear designs in Japan got their inspiration from loincloths.

1. Born To Skate

2. On With The Hood Vs. Off

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