One of the best nightlife in Singapore, it is necessary to attract 15 points can not miss them;

By | March 25, 2020
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1. Singapore Knight Safari – for the thrill of nightlife
Night Safari in Singapore
Source image
Singapore, in a night of violence tempts tourists to experience the thrill of wildlife safaris when the sun recedes. The first night, the most exciting safaris in the world Zutendaal nightlife in Singapore.
You may be able to see a ride happening on a safari and tram like wild animal animals, where it is well protected by the icy Bear Himalaya Gear Lapid Leo with laziness, hyena chart, oryxes, camels of giraffes, red dog states, Asian pigs is the beard of the hippo No: The Axis Ordinance.

What is special: You who led a squadron of cavalry procession through the tribal princes, from the creatures that coached the random and cheetah and bear the trail and the path of the father. We miss hanging on a wide range of restaurants such as Casa Bongo Italian Burgers Italian Oulu Oulu Chang and Chawang Bar.

Working hours, 7:15 pm at about 00:00. Not available until 23:15.

No admission fees S $ S $ 25 for children and adults at 37.8

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2. On the way through the park – and the clouds in the night sky bright
A luminous garden in Singapore
The stretch of the road through the gardens and sprawling urban garden on 100 hectares of land. Located next to the sea is the tank, view which is hit by the garden which brings a lot more breathtaking. One of the most glamorous films in tree-like structures illustrates the dashingly awesome experience added to the Singapore nightlife.

This is special because of the way that the suspended stroll in my mesmerizing eyes and the manifestation of the sound of the sky and the lights failed

Working hours: 5:00 am to 2:00 pm

Free entrance fees in outdoor gardens. For musical institutes, s $ 15 and S $ 28 for adults and children. For OCBC Airway, s $ 8 to S $ 5 for children and adults

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3. Clark Quay – water into wine, and dine
Clark Quay in Singapore is in the trees next to the water
Clark Kwai is the scene of the coolest nightlife in Singapore. The former commercial center, a popular water author of stylish restaurants, bars, affordable entertainment, kiosks and Singapore draws most of the nightclubs.

This is a special G-MAX Benji vice versa, renters canning river anchor, taxi, GX, Russell Oberlin 5 swing and tourist in the river. For a memorable nightlife experience, through which rails can jump to Pluvius Aestivus India: there, elephant, etc., name of Attica well, market land

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4. Laser source and Marina Bay – get enthralled by the evening, which is seedy
People Watch Water Show at Singapore Marina Bay Light
Water and light attracts hundreds of tourists is a full day and purociales behavior touch. This area shows the mesmerizing lights of the fine arts and science museum Marina Bay Sands of brilliant colors. Without a doubt, this is the most technologically advanced night that boasts unusual bubbling fountains, laser flashes.

What’s special, white clouds can create a bubble in the sky, and see the brilliant images projected on the surface of Singapore

work hours.
Thursday 5: 8-8: 15 pm and 9: 30-9: 45 pm
Friday and Saturday – 08:00, 21:30 and 11:00

No admission fee S $ 23 to S $ 20 Adults, Seniors, Children and S $ 17

5. crawl – where the prince of the animal in you
People enjoy the nightlife in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands club
source image

A. widely used than the nightlife in Singapore. The latest to explore the popularity and night clubs, bars, Singapore. This includes free access to the price of 4 bars, a nightclub, in addition to a disco and free shots. Book Tour Pub Crawl to enjoy the most recent events in the city.

There is a special, addicted to alcohol, and the book of the 4 entries for the shots, it is more closely packed, and visit discotheques, among the World, or a C, or Le Design Vert. In the package

Opening hours 10:00 to 11:00

Order the beginning fee: There are also other kinds of tickets. State Pub Crawl Visit the site for more information

6. Wings Time – Enjoy this fantastic outdoor display
Look at Singapore era wings
To be displayed in the wings of this award-winning time to go to the game. In exchange for the vast In the water of the screen, this let him reckon the miracles of the power of the visual extravaganza of magic, and a byword. The most dramatic example provides the clock is set for the night, a huge honor Singapore laser is used fire effects music.

To have a special three-dimensional projection of the laser beams of the water of the springs, the wonderful layout it breaks through the waters of the technically advanced,

Hours 7:40 pm and 8:40 pm every day

History: 23 dollars for a regular premium tickets and the $ 18 ticket fees

7. Zouk Confession – Enjoy a night full of carrots Joomla
At night a the club has Zouk in Singapore
source image

If you love it with dancing and playing the stand and Zouk Club is right for you. Zouk is the oldest and most popular nightclubs in Singapore. It is one of the best places to experience the nightlife in Singapore.

PART TWO: The boy in addition to Zouk, Phuture visit Carl and the Zouk and Wine Bar – accompany the application. A variety of music, which are in every place, you just need to choose your taste. When the fourth mumbo Eleanor, do not mistake the desire to bring condimentum eget of the night.

Working Hours: 9 pm to 3 am on weekdays and from 9 to 4:00 pm on the weekends

8. Cicero Speech – serial, and the effect is amazing lights water
Animatronics performance in Malaysia
Cicero dance is the most stunning audio visual program in space and marine Sentosa. The seamless combination of technology, special effects and music mixes love story between mechanical Rafhan.

That is special laser effects, loud music, movement and well-designed.

Working Hours: from 20:00 to 8:30 AM

No entry fee None

9. Good Marina Bay Sands – Gamble night
The interiors of the Marina Bay Sands casino in Singapore
source image

Good bay marina, Clash is a great big pot. Sports area contains a space (15) 4 square meters degrees bread is distributed well and wonderful place of entertainment. Here, certainly, one of the most wonderful places in Singapore, especially on the weekends.

What is so special, more than 1,500 slot and 600 table games, 30 games and a special room and Swarovski crystal chandeliers, the largest in the world

Working Hours: Clock

Entry Price: $ 100 per person RGD

10. Bar Alu – Get the highest height bar on the surface in the world
High in Singapore 1 bar – top bar on the roof of the world
Source image

The bar at a height of 360 degrees is the highest and most spectacular views that can not miss the nightclubs in Singapore. Located on the 63rd floor Raffles is one of the highest in the world’s outdoor bar. Sure enough, in fact, a member of the local and international DJ is the best hosting services, the movement of the bars, gorgeous, too, when not blended with. This is one of the exhilarating nightlife scene in Singapore.

What is special: exotic food, drinks menu, abandoned donkey view, glass neon floor and awesome collection of cocktails. Try Zen Breeze – a perfect combination of vodka, green tea, mint and lemon.

Hours of operation, 6:00 to 15:00 during weekdays and from 4:00 to 6:00 on weekends

No admission fee: None

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11. Showroom – Have a unique dining experience, developer
For wheat methods and their experiences in Singapore
Source image

Wheat Weekend State-of-the-Art Delete entertainment and entertainment where people can chill the neighborhood. This will be a unique experience at home with a pair of existing chefs that is important. You can relax to sit comfortably on the couch, with the movie without a visit while enjoying the delicious food.

What is special: General on the bar surface – the best food and bottles in the state, provided private parties and corporate functions studio theater and cinema.

Working hours, 6:00 to 13:00

No entrance fee, weekend print design, official visit, movie tickets, location check and schedules.

12. Chinatown Market Street – with Ahzani again lovers of shopping in you
In Singapore, because most shopping streets night market in Chinatown
Chinatown offers a charming night market in Singapore. Paved Street, Club Street, Tringano Street and Sagu Street in the famous nightlife areas of Chinatown. Known for its busy shops, kiosks, other Asian cuisine and Chinese restaurants.

What’s special: Open 24-hour street taste of licking fish finger poisonous, crispy pineapple and other oriental flavors

Opening hours are 11: 00-23: 00

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13. Tanjung Beach – let the beach parties wise, lip meat
Singapore is the view of Tanjung Beach pool
Source image

Tanjung is a local beach break, one of the most exciting days and vibrant nightclubs in Singapore. Bright full moon beach parties, live DJ, slurpy food and drink – this is definitely the place where Singapore nightlife stood.

This beach is a private kebab beach and food that salutes its saliva, exotic islands like locusts, octopus and salad cake

Opening hours are 10 am to 11 pm and the bar is closed on Monday.

Any entry fees visit the website for more information Tanjung Beach official

14. Bangia Confession – Night Hail
Bangia Dance Clubs in Malaysia
Source image

Bangia nightclubs in Singapore at prices higher than their prices. These are the sand show the edge of the Marina Bay and a perfectly stylish crowd and the most elegant ambiance of tourists to the city. The machine was further refined with a dance floor club with such elegance and interior ritzy, skinned animal sofas, polished granite dance floors and an exclusive cocktail menu.

This is a special gem cocktail from Bangia S32 at $ 000 (for a penalty) and watering the eye. I think it is a drink.

Working hours, 10:00 pm 3

Gas entry S $ 40 per person

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