7 Signs That Can Help You Spot the Wrong Partner at the Beginning of a Relationship

By | November 18, 2020

In most cases, it’s things like toxicity, cheating, addiction, lies, and a lack of normal communication that cause a couple to break up. However, sometimes the reasons for a split aren’t that obvious since we get too carried away with things to notice them. A person may have no bad habits and be healthy psychologically with a great appearance but the relationship can still develop a harsh crack after the first serious quarrel. Eventually, you’ll end up trying to repair the union, exhausting yourself and your partner.

We at Bright Side encourage happy and healthy relationships only! That’s why we’ve selected 7 unmistakable personality traits that indicate you won’t have a bright future with your partner.

1. You have a different level of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence (or “emotional quotient”) is the ability to express and perceive your own emotions, to control them, and to understand the feelings of others. A person with a low level of EQ finds it difficult to support close relationships and empathize with those close to them. They also can’t cope with situations that cause strong emotions and can’t control their own feelings.

A partner with a low EQ can’t imagine themselves in someone else’s situation, accept guilt for their mistakes, or understand that someone needs help. Relationships with such a person won’t be comfortable for either of you — while you’ll be waiting for empathy and understanding, your partner will be expecting a total acceptance of their point of view.

It’s possible to detect a person with a low EQ level during early meetings if you carefully watch their reactions to their surroundings. These kinds of people become easily irritated when they’re asked to show indulgence. They also like to judge and give unsolicited advice and don’t know how to listen, let alone hear what you’re saying.

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