7 Signs That Can Help You Spot the Wrong Partner at the Beginning of a Relationship

By | November 18, 2020

4. Your partner clearly separates your problems from theirs.

You inform your partner about a broken faucet and they’ll shrug sympathetically, kiss you on the forehead and leave to go drink beer with their friends. At the same time, they may claim that you refused to help them look for a present for their mother’s birthday. Whenever you need help, you’ll have to deal with it yourself but if it’s your partner who needs help, you can be sure they’ll be offended if you refuse to get involved.

You’ll end up bringing over medicine when your partner is sick, canceling your meetings and changing your plans whenever they call. And this is all because their problems are now your problems while your problems remain your problems. It’s not a good scenario for partners who want to totally rely on each other.

A person interested in a relationship will do their best to make their partner feel happy. Whether it’s meeting with friends, going to the beauty salon, or dealing with bad weather.

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