Hilarious Times the Customer Got It Really, Really Wrong

By | November 18, 2020


You have heard the saying before that “the customer is always right.” But if you have worked in retail or food service or literally any other industry where there is a customer, you know 100 percent that that is not the case. The customer is not always right. In fact, I would bet that the customer is wrong more than the customer is right.

I don’t know where the phrase started, but I bet an angry, irrational customer came up with it. Well, the Twitter thread that you are about to read is going to prove that “the customer is always right” is actually pure nonsense. Twitter user @WelshDalaiLama recently asked people to share stories where customers they’ve encountered have been spectacularly and epically wrong. And let me tell you, these stories do not disappoint. These are instances where the customer either ended up or should have ended up embarrassed to an insane degree.

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