10 Hurtful Things Grown-Up Children Often Do to Their Parents

By | November 18, 2020

20% of seniors never retire but still, 75% of them have at least one chronic health condition — and many of them, 2 or more. It’s never too late to help elderly people, especially those close to us. Even a moment of attention can make our parents’ lives easier.

We at Bright Side want our parents to have well-deserved time with us and have their needs paid attention to. Here, you can find 10 things their kids may do that hurt them.

1. Neglecting a parent

They miss you, need you, and want to spend time with you. When you take a parent to an old-age home and hardly visit, they may feel lonely even if they’re surrounded by lots of people their age.

2. Saying things we shouldn’t

Here are some painful phrases we may say to our parents that are quite hurtful:

  • Why did you have me?
  • You never pay for me.
  • You love my brother or sister more.
  • I hate you.

Imagine yourself at an older age with an adult kid. Saying things like this can be considered traumatic, especially if it’s done as a way to manipulate.

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