11 People Who Wanted to Look Like Their Favorite Celebrities but Went Too Far

By | April 25, 2021

All celebrities, including fictional ones, have followers and admirers. But some people are ready to take the most drastic measures to make themselves look like their admired idols.

For example, Argentinian Fran Mariano lost almost 220 lb to look almost like his favorite singer; Swiss-American model Pixee Fox didn’t hesitate to remove 6 ribs to get just a thin waist like Jessica Rabbit.

Bright Side compared photos of celebrities to their lookalikes and came to the conclusion that some of them really could do a show as doppelgängers!

10. Madonna — Adam Guerra

11 People Who Wanted to Look Like Their Favorite Celebrities but Went Too Far

It took 12 years for Adam Guerra from Los Angeles to achieve his desire to look like the famous pop icon. He said it was all totally worth it. He became one of the most famous of all Madonna’s doppelgängers and he’s a regular star of the Venus D-Lite show.

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