14 Famous Photographs That Fooled the World

since then it’s been much harder to find out if a photo is real or fake. But many automatically think that all the photos taken before 1990 were real, and perhaps that’s the wrong thing to do. Bright Side has found some historical photos that have fooled nearly everyone! “Forest fairies” This interesting photo created by 2 cousins: Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright, made the… Read More »

21 People Whose Creativity Deserves a “King of Humor” Award

A sense of humor is like a promotion — not everybody gets it. But the ones who do may as well be warriors who brighten up our otherwise gloomy days. And in case you’re having a particularly hard day, here are some pictures that will make you feel better or at least appreciate people’s creativity. Bright Side has searched and compiled a list of the funniest things people have shared online and… Read More »

15 Historical Photos That Uncover the Harsh Side of History

Even 100 years are enough to become better and make the world a better place as well. From the side of traffic and swimming costumes, to laws and social organization, the world has had to undergo a lot of changes to become the one we live in now. There are still many things that need improvement, but here at Bright Side we want to share with you several photos that… Read More »

19 Famous Beauties Who Don’t Try to Look Perfect

In order to look stunning in movies and public events, celebrities have to use the services of stylists, hairdressers, and, of course, makeup artists. But some famous beauties are totally okay with sharing their photos without makeup on their social media. Bright Side went on a little trip around the Instagram accounts of some celebrities and found out that many of them don’t just like taking photos… Read More »

10 Actors Who Are Ashamed of Their Iconic Roles

When watching their favorite movies like the Star Wars series, the James Bond films or the Jason Bourne trilogy, many people have no idea that the actors absolutely hated the characters they portrayed. There are different reasons for this: some actors trusted their agents and were disappointed in the project while others thought they simply did a bad job.… Read More »

22 Rare Historical Photos That Can Make You Feel the Past

The main difference between professional photographers and beginners is the obsession with the profession. They are ready to do anything just to capture an important moment. Thanks to these people, we are able to see the events that happened many years ago. And the most important thing is that these photos were not edited, which is why they are so authentic. Bright Side shares 22 unique photos from… Read More »

23 Eye-Popping Historical Photos That Can Shake Up Your World

We get acquainted with the past through black-and-white photos that often turn out to be more distinctive than we were expecting. Beds inside closets, parades of computers, playing ball on cars, and special masks for fighting depression — it turns out that our ancestors were well aware of what real fun was. Bright Side is going to share a set of photos that might make you want to travel back… Read More »

20 Historical Photos Proving That Time Changes, but Love Remains the Same

As George Burns once said, “Love is a lot like a backache: it doesn’t show up on X-rays, but you know it’s there.” Indeed, love is the most mysterious of human emotions that can be shown and felt in many different ways. But sometimes, if you catch the right moment, you may get the feeling that you’ve managed to get closer to the very essence of being in love. Bright Side gathered the… Read More »