16 Pictures Proving That Celebrities Are Just Like Us

It seems that celebrities can afford whatever they want. In fact, many of them tend to lead an ordinary life: gardening on the weekends, baking pies, and giving their children haircuts with ordinary hair clippers. Bright Side collected a few photos that prove our lives are more similar to the lives of celebrities than we realized.… Read More »

20 Unexpected Photos of Celebrities Before They Became Famous

All people can be divided into 2 groups: those who like to look through their childhood photos and those who desperately hide them from others. The same thing applies to celebrities. Today, we’d like to talk about the stars who aren’t afraid to share their old photos online and then enjoy the thousands of likes and comments. It’s not surprising since all… Read More »

15+ Times Celebrities Wore Optical Illusion Outfits and Made Us Rub Our Eyes

The words “optical illusion” can make many of us think of mind-racking puzzles that go viral on the Internet. But some celebrities know how to actually wear optical illusions on their bodies and steal the show. While some of these outfits make curves more prominent, others are meant simply to mesmerize the public, but in any case, they all look pretty bold and original.… Read More »

20 Celebrities We Couldn’t Recognize From Their 10-Year-Old Photos

They say the sky’s the limit and it looks like many celebrities are constantly trying to prove this to be true, constantly changing their appearance. Of course, we all change with time but it looks like they have a superpower for transformation because there’s no other explanation as to why they become unrecognizable after a makeover. Here at Bright Side, we have no clue what happens in Hollywood but it definitely changes people.… Read More »

20+ Outfits That Looked Better on Celebrities Than on Models

Curvy and full lines are able to change the look of any piece of clothing. Even though models’ tall and straight bodies are thought to be perfect, in real life it’s hard to find many women with these proportions. But these celebrities decided to take this challenge and brought their own twist to wearing these mind blowing designer dresses. Bright Side invites you to compare these… Read More »

16 Steps to Healthy, Strong, and Shiny Hair

Beauty is made up of many things. But it’s safe to say that healthy and well-kept hair plays one of the key roles in creating a unique and attractive image. Today, Bright Side offers you a guide to the most common mistakes women make in their quest to have the hair of their dreams. 16. Choose the… Read More »

10 Secrets of Slenderness Known Only to French Ladies

Tourists often wonder how French women manage to stay slim and elegant while eating chocolate with huge amounts of cheese and washing it all down with wine. It’s all the more surprising due to the fact that they are not obsessed with diets or exhausting training sessions in the gym. Their secret is in their attitude to food that is fostered in them from childhood. All… Read More »

4 Gorgeous Women Who Prove That Skinny Isn’t Better

In the modern world, being called “thin” is a compliment, and getting called “fat” is a stigma. But contrary to this popular belief, being skinny does not equate to being fit. In fact, thin people who don’t exercise regularly are prone to having low fitness levels, low muscle tone and decreased endurance. Recently, news broke about big brand names beginning to ban size zero models, which… Read More »

The 21 Most Iconic Dresses of All Time

It is amazing to see how quickly the fashion industry changes and creates new trends. What’s ’in’ this season will be ’out’ a year or two from now. But some clothing styles are so versatile, elegant, and chic that they remain fashionable and practically unchanged for decades. Today, we here at Bright Side have decided to look back at the most unforgettable dresses that have shaped… Read More »