6 Celebrities Who Shunned Cosmetic Surgery and Embraced Their Natural Look

By | November 19, 2021

4. Tina Fey

11 Celebrities Who Shunned Cosmetic Surgery and Embraced Their Natural Look

Comedian and screenwriter Tina Fey says that she likes the challenge of her changing appearance as she grows old. She still admits to being a little confused about the tendency to get rid of every single sign of aging before it can even be noticed. She also says that she prefers to not use Botox as a magical cure for everything and instead tries to just stay in shape.

6. Brigitte Bardot

Once known as the face of French fashion, model and actress Brigitte Bardot has consistently said “no” to plastic surgery, making it very clear that her days as an international personality were over when she shot her last movie back in 1973. Today, the actress is committed to the fight for animal rights, and on her 86th birthday, she made one of her wishes come true — to make sure that we as a race get to a point in which we treat animals with respect.

7. Rachel Hunter

Despite being a model and appearing on the covers of the most popular magazines of the fashion industry, Hunter says she is horrified when she looks at pictures of herself. And that is even though she’s actually comfortable with the way she looks in real life. However, her perception of herself changed when she started working on the television series Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty.

“After going on this journey and seeing other cultures, away went that superficial idea of beauty. Our ideas of beauty are old and need to be shattered. We have no self-acceptance,” she told British newspaper The Daily Mail during an interview.