Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

By | December 8, 2021

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

Making time for yourself is a big motivator for weight loss goals. Feeling that you aren’t “doing enough” isn’t the easiest situation, but you get it.

So, what if I put you in the shoes of Chrissy Metz who struggled to lose weight over the last few years, and teach you how to make time for yourself in the fight against the scales.

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Think about what it would look like if you said “I want to lose a couple of pounds” and showed up to the gym in the early hours of the morning just to accomplish it. That would be the outcome you want, and I know how difficult it can be.

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

In fact, not everyone wants to go to the gym and get to the weight loss goal they set for themselves. Losing a few pounds on your own doesn’t mean you’re not missing out on great exercises that you wouldn’t get a chance to do outside of your studio visits, but it’s still a great achievement.

So, let’s use Chrissy Metz’s experience as a starting point and see what happens when we find time to ourselves.

Have you ever been walking on the treadmill? That’s great exercise, isn’t it? But has it ever crossed your mind to just take a break?

Not necessarily.

It’s easy to get a little lazy when you’re out there exercising, especially when the weather’s nice. You’re out there aiming to shed a few pounds, maybe you need to take a few minutes to enjoy the sunshine and people to chat with, or you’re just prepping for your next workout.

Your brain and your body is too busy thinking about the great things you’re going to achieve to notice the small things you’re doing to stay active.

Maybe I’m being too harsh. I certainly don’t mean this as a criticism, but you need to remove distractions from your workout, and ask yourself who and what you’re spending your time on.

A slight distraction, like the crumbs between you and a group of girls eating brunch at a restaurant, could be preventing you from being as engaged as you should be in your workout.

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss But don’t let that distract you from “beating” the weights in the gym.

It’s important to understand that exercise is much more than just physically.

Don’t let yourself get so caught up in getting your workout in that you don’t appreciate the joy that comes with finding balance.

Now what about your time for yourself?

A few nights a week is enough time for yourself to enjoy the sun.

A few hours a day for yourself to go outside and find something to do with your body is enough.

A few days a week to just go for a nice walk and feel the breeze.

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Of course, if you work a 9 to 5, you need to get your workout in, even if it’s an evening yoga class.

But set some time aside to just relax, and enjoy yourself while you’re doing so. You don’t have to get dressed and get ready to go outside, that’s great. You have to find time for yourself.

Okay, but when you do you should feel great. The feeling of fullness? No reason not to enjoy yourself.

You have to find your healthy way to exercise, but you do. Feeling the fattiest content that you’ve felt the entire time? Well, that’s alright because that comes from having too much or not eating enough.

It’s okay to feel like that.

I’ve done it my whole life, I’ve never experienced fullness. But that’s OK.

Now, if you want to feel fantastic, you’ll set some time aside and get yourself out there to make some awesome progress.

You might be surprised by the changes that you’ll be able to make to your workout, you might find that it’s not that easy to change.

You might be able to make great progress, maybe you just needed a little motivation to go outside.

But you won’t just be able to walk out of the house and end up big and bad. You’ll discover that any obstacle you encounter will have been around forever, that there is a number of obstacles blocking your way. But you’ll find a way.

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