10 Childhood Pics of Celebrities That Can Make All of Your Face Muscles Stretch Into a Smile

Photos of us in our youth tell vivid stories of where we came from. And when we look at our favorite musicians, actors, and athletes, we often forget that they aren’t superhumans and that they were kids just like us. And perhaps they even dreamed of becoming president or an astronaut as well. But one thing’s for sure: they all have goody family photos and awkward yearbook… Read More »

7 Female Celebrities Who Can Still Steal Your Man at 40+

Dana Scully from The X-Files is now 52 years old, and Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is 43 — yet we’re still crushing on them. Some women in Hollywood have maintained themselves so well, no one could’ve ever guessed that they crossed the age of 40! 1. Gillian Anderson, 52 years old 2. Christina Applegate, 49 years old Continue Reading On Next Page Below

8 celebrities and their very first red carpet photographs

Today, the red carpet arrival is a common thing for these people. They smile at millions of flashing cameras in what seems to be a perfectly natural way, showing off their new haute couture dresses and suits. But just look at these surprisingly awkward first-time-on-the-red-carpet photos of various famous people, and you’ll realise that they… Read More »

10 Celebrities Who Have Let Themselves Go

On the big screen, celebrities seem to be something not really of this world, looking perfect every second. But they’re just like us, with their own little guilty pleasures that aren’t always good for the figure. Russell Crowe It’s hard to recognize the ripped gladiator in this big man now, but Russell is always ready… Read More »

7 Celebrities Who Took Their Weight Under Control

Breathtaking photos of celebrities and their perfect beach bodies are all over the Internet. Sometimes it can be really frustrating, and it’s hard not to feel a little bit envious. However, not everyone in Hollywood was born extremely fit and drop dead gorgeous. Some of our favorite actors and singers looked completely different from Hollywood’s beauty standards at one time. 1. Adele It’s… Read More »

10 Pairs of Celebrities Who Turned Out to Be the Same Age, Though It’s Hard to Believe

While looking at photos or watching movies with our favorite celebrities, sometimes we can’t even imagine that some of them are the same age. This is all because people can look totally different, while still having lived the same amount of years. Lifestyle and genetics are some of the things that influence this. 1. Kylie Jenner and Maisie Williams — 22 years old 2.… Read More »

8 Celebrities We Had No Idea Were Related to Each Other

Even though popularity always comes with a lack of privacy, famous people do want to keep some things in a narrower circle. And they prefer not to advertise family occasions, so certain connections between celebrities turn out to be rather unexpected. 1. Princess Diana and Benedict Cumberbatch The Princess of Wales and one of the most popular British actors have the same ancestors and are distant cousins. 2. Johnny… Read More »

10+ Celebrities Who Changed Beyond Recognition Over the Past Decade

Big changes don’t necessarily take long. Sometimes a person can change so much during a single decade that it feels like looking at 2 different people in their before and after photos. Caitlyn Jenner, Demi Lovato, Elliot Page, Kylie Jenner, and other celebs in our article transformed greatly over a period of 10 years or even less, and their then and now photo collages leave us speechless. Caitlyn… Read More »

What 7 Celebrities Wore for Their First Red Carpet Moment Compared to Today

For any celebrity, a first red carpet appearance is always an event. Some of their looks can be very humble in comparison to Emma Watson’s recent looks, for instance. And some celebrities don’t change their style much from decade to decade, like Jennifer Aniston. 1. Angelina Jolie at the Annual Academy Awards in 1986 and in 2019 2. Emma Watson at the world premiere of Harry Potter and… Read More »