Teenager Helps Old Woman Escape The Rain – Cop Is Watching

By | December 10, 2020

Tyrea is a teenager with a heart of gold. He always makes sure everyone around him stays safe and sound and his actions of kindness stole the hearts of many once again.

One cold and bitter day, this teen and his mom got to their van where they placed their groceries, and just when they were about to head home, Tyrea jumped off the vehicle. His mom was confused at first, but knowing his son, she knew he did it for a reason.

Moments later, she noticed him helping an elderly lady get to her car, protecting her from the poring rain with his coat.

The lady thanked him and the two said goodbye to each other before Tyrea got back to his mom’s van.

Tyrea’s mom was incredibly proud of what her son had done. Well, she has always taught him to be kind and compassionate, especially when he spots someone in trouble.

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