18 Unexpected Facts About Celebrities That Show Their New Side

By | November 14, 2021

As Steve Martin once said, “A celebrity is any well-known TV or movie star who looks like he spends more than 2 hours working on his hair.” As celebrities appear in public quite regularly, we tend to believe that we know all about their lives. However, it turns out that we’re much less knowledgeable about them than we’re used to thinking.

  • Emma Watson was actually born in France. Her English parents lived in Maisons-Laffitte near Paris until they separated in 1995. At the age of 5, Watson moved back to England to live with her mother in Oxfordshire.
  • Bob Marley’s father was white. Marley’s father, Norval Marley, was a British naval captain. At the age of about 60, he met an 18-year-old daughter of African descent, Cedella Malcolm, who got pregnant and delivered little Bobby on February 6, 1945, in Jamaica.
  • Elvis Presley was a natural blond. When Elvis was born, he had blond hair but, as he aged, it gradually turned a sandy color. During his senior years, he started occasionally dying his hair black until he eventually left this color that later became a part of his famous personality.
18 Unexpected Facts About Celebrities That Show Their New Side
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  • Keanu Reeves has experienced a lot o suffering in his life. When he was only 3 years old, his father left their family. At the age of 23, his best friend, River Phoenix, died of a drug overdose. In 1999, his girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, got pregnant, but it was a stillborn birth. 18 months later, Jennifer died in a car crash.
  • Taylor Swift’s first job was on a farm where her family grew Christmas trees. As a teen, she checked the cut trees for bugs — she was supposed to knock the praying mantis pods out of them.
  • Halle Berry was named after a department store. Halle’s parents selected the name for her from Halle’s Department Store, which was then a local landmark in her birthplace of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Liam Payne has a fear of other people’s spoons. His distaste for this kitchen utensil came from his childhood. At school, he was a bit naughty, and the teachers made him do the washing up as a punishment. Since that time, Liam doesn’t like eating with spoons that belong to other people.

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