5 Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless But Made It to the Top Despite All the Odds

By | November 18, 2021

We always see our favorite celebrities on TV smiling and laughing, shining and mesmerizing. Their life seems perfect with an easy and exciting job. They just do what they love and earn millions. What a fairy tale! But so many of them know from personal experience how true the words “No pain, no gain” are.

11. Jim Carrey

11 Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless But Made It to the Top Despite All the Odds

When Jim Carrey’s father lost his job and their home, the family moved into a Volkswagen camper van, parking it in different places throughout Canada. When Carrey turned 16, he decided to quit school and start supporting his family through small impressions and stand-up shows.

Carrey once said that it was probably during these difficult financial periods that he developed his sense of humor. Jim Carrey never gave up despite all the odds and challenges, and he made it to the top.

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