10 Celebrities Who Have Let Themselves Go

By | November 19, 2021

On the big screen, celebrities seem to be something not really of this world, looking perfect every second. But they’re just like us, with their own little guilty pleasures that aren’t always good for the figure.

Russell Crowe

10 Celebrities Who Have Let Themselves Go

It’s hard to recognize the ripped gladiator in this big man now, but Russell is always ready to change for a role: he gained almost 50 lbs for The Nice Guys. It’s been a year since the movie aired, yet the actor doesn’t seem to bother himself much about his shape. He even says it’s pretty pleasant to gain extra pounds.

Tyra Banks

The America’s Next Top Model cult classic founder has always said she’d been considered too big for a model. Now she weighs 18 pounds more than in 2006 and couldn’t care less about it, having her own business, raising a son, and still being a jewel of public events.

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