Anna Kendrick is An American Actress And Singer

By | December 8, 2021

Anna Kendrick.

I always thought this girl was too nice to try acting so soon but I decided to see what she was about when she left acting school, and I might be way off!!

Anna Kendrick played the lead role in “The Beaches” and the rest is history, it probably feels like a no brainer for her to go ahead and make the next big move, if you know me, this is far from my first attempt at becoming an actress.

When I decided to join the London drama school I had no idea what to get myself into. The drama course was a great one in fact, but at the end of the course you had a year of your own acting experience before you were allowed to work and that sort of felt scary. I was so worried that I would get fired on the first day and that I wouldn’t get anything, but I needed to know what I was doing which would enable me to make all the kind of mistakes I would in my day job and will make in the real world at some point, so I signed up and found something I really enjoyed.

Anna Kendrick is An American Actress And Singer.

Also, everyone in the school made a great effort to make you feel comfortable and I am very grateful to all of them because it meant I didn’t end up having to leave and have to panic at work about my work.

The play I had been at was very exciting, but as I sat next to the RSC part-time actor Christian Bennett, I felt even more connected to him. He made me feel like I was part of his tribe, but he was also making me feel like I was part of his community because I was from Croydon (Bennett’s birthplace). So I found it easy to be single, because Christian was single. Not only because he was and I have always wanted someone with more than two fingers down the neck but also because I think that is a bit exciting, really up to date. I recently watched Christian’s days at the RSC and he really does have very good values and brings everyone that works for him a lot of excitement. Because he is so dedicated he is very happy when he doesn’t have enough time to do his acting and would rather spend a few days at the RSC, just enjoying it as an audience member or a guest. Which I have also been happy to do for my role in Anna Kendrick Beaches, I don’t feel quite as excited about being paid to act but I am doing what I love anyway.

Anna Kendrick.

So I got to my room and thought about my place here and how lucky I was to be a London based student. I said a quick thank you and rolled into bed the next morning ready to learn my lessons that night.

The drama course doesn’t focus on drama, so Anna Kendrick think what’s great about drama school is that the course doesn’t focus on training them to be actors, it focuses on training them to be a person. There were some awesome new drama course recruits who felt that drama was a bad word that didn’t cut it as that went against everything that drama was about. For me the idea of studying drama was my choice and that was the approach I took to my exams, everything I did in drama subject, from interviews through to an application to St Johnstone, our drama department, which is a huge competitive exam organisation, showed me that I was an actor in the making, not only was I acting but I was serious and someone was willing to take a chance on me, which I hope will go far in my future life.

One thing that’s amazing about drama school is that the people there are the people I have been looking up to and I have been learning from. I watched them more than watched the drama course and have made an effort to watch as much as I should and study what the drama course isn’t doing right, because obviously their decisions in terms of areas that they haven’t focused on may get me jobs which would show me I was doing a good job, so there aren’t a lot of accurate truth in drama courses, but there is a lot of initiative and a good production team behind the drama course.

Anna Kendrick What’s really cool about drama school is that they almost make you feel like you are dreaming, which I think is a very exciting experience. It’s very well organised for me, we only have between 4 and 6 days to learn our lines before a performance and everyone is well chaperoned by the production team. It was pretty amazing to have this experience, especially being brought to a level where we’re learning the truth of what I do every day.

So I just hope that you’re working out the positives of drama school so you can see what I meant when I said I can do anything.

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