Jessica Simpson Weight Loss

By | December 8, 2021

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss.

A couple of years ago, I decided to lose a few pounds and to avoid becoming on a family diet. I am obese now at the age of 42 and overweight.

Ever since I was a kid, there have been issues with my weight. I know I am not alone. I started my weight loss journey once I found myself due to burning off that busyness I’ve been accustomed to when I was in my teens.

The younger I was, I was a jet-setting soiree girl. I mean, you come out of school and drive off on a jet plane and you don’t notice how quickly you’re aging and how bulky you become until maybe 5 years later? I mean I get a double dose of this: 1: Pretty awesome … 2: I’m ok with looking good … But then I turn in front of my mirror and I start to drool a bit. In order to be 26 years old I’m basically 22 years old then I turn in front of my mirror. That’s my life.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss.

When I first started losing weight I was at my best fit state and had the hormonal input of my sex drive reawakened. I was hitting my target of around 30 lb within the first two weeks. “One I’m lean and in shape…”. It had been so long since this had happened I quickly became addicted to the fact that everything needed to be as perfect as possible. What pushed me to achieve perfection was my supportive boyfriend and wishful thinking. “I hope one day I’ll look just like a Greek goddess”.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Obviously that first week I wasn’t going to stop there and I continued the weight loss spiral. To my bestie—now besto-upcoming—who is super supportive but also ill-informed on weight loss, we would have some drinks and share sweet nothings. We all love to be in the best shape of our lives and to just binge on the food.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss.

One night we were watching tv and she stated something like, “That would be awesome in the first three months if you drop 25 pounds”.

I was skeptical but I swallowed her advice and sucked down the first shot in the hope of having my dream body.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss In the first month I gained eight pounds but went onto lose 18 pounds after the first two weeks. There is a buzz and truth that happens at our weight that is hard to explain. After this phase I had given up and was frustrated with my weight. From then on, I continued to work with my personal trainer and began to take charge of my weight. My particular approach was not taking any shortcuts to losing weight.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss.

I never assumed that simply reading weight loss books was going to fix everything. Other’s who try this, often fail. Even those people who believe in the modern eating it healthy mentality either fail or don’t go as far as to succeed with the lifestyle changing ideas they express in the media. I’m pretty good at learning from my mistakes and not chasing, faking, or trying to change my body. I don’t take the same direct-to-the-top approach.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Years later, if someone ever tries to convince me that taking a weight loss diet, I’ll usually reply, “I don’t need to do anything to lose weight, so how can I do anything in my life to control my weight?” Maybe I would need to learn to say yes to a few more treats a week, maybe I’ll need to take the time to exercise as required but I just don’t need to change my lifestyle to have my ideal body.

Learn to stay strong, let go, and stay healthy.

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