Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

By | December 8, 2021

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

“How much weight has Rebel Wilson gained since becoming a mother for the first time?” Sounds like a good, good question. I’m beginning to think it’s only a wise question.

How exactly has she gained weight?

First of all, I expect Wilson has shed as much weight as possible. I don’t believe that her most recent post on Instagram does not constitute some kind of celebration. She’s nursing, and she wants you to know that.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss In an interview with People, Wilson explained what exactly made her want to stick to the pregnancy weight loss plan. “The worst part of pregnancy, especially pregnant women, is feeling sluggish. Not [weight gain], I’m just…it was just so hard for me! It’s hard to sit still, it’s not something I could wear the entire day. I always felt like I was standing on clouds,” Wilson told People. “I felt like I was almost between heaven and hell, and now I’m in hell.”

The Best Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

Wilson said her experience with pregnancy has a lot to do with the fact that she’s never been pregnant before. She’s been in between a few different relationships. During this phase of her life, she said she was “throwing herself into everything”… Because I know what it’s like to throw myself into something really intense, I asked Wilson what she’s doing to maintain her weight loss. Her main advice was, “Eat more often, you know!” Plus, she encourages that “losing weight can be fun.” To me, I understand how stress can make us do crazy things. Her constant reminders on Instagram are in that vein:

Many critics did not appreciate Wilson’s choice of husband Tim Babyakis. And I don’t blame them. But Wilson was more surprised by his fans, who have urged her to join a tribe.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

Now that this is out there on the internet, everyone seems to have a opinion about the decisions she’s made since becoming a mom. People seem to be divided about Wilson’s weight. If you just want to know for yourself, I encourage you to check out her Instagram and see what you think:

Here is a quick rundown of Wilson’s weight gain:

10 Days after the birth of her baby girl, Wilson posted a photo of herself—holding the tot—totally “strictly” breastfeeding. She captioned the post, “Got my own secret formula.” In the photo, she’s wearing a size eight and has small sculpted toes, cuffed tops and blinged-out makeup on her face.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss The next day, she posted a selfie that showed her “down to a size 12” and smiling happily. Wilson says she lost eight pounds on two days of eating only cabbage and crackers. She says this was the first day of her “Sidewalk on Margarita” plan. The plan included daily meals including slices of shredded carrots and shredded cheddar cheese, healthy shakes, the awesome lollipops that her husband, believes, must be the secret of Wilson’s weight loss.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss A few days later, Wilson posted her first workout video from the old days, which happened to be a video of her handweight lifting. At 50 pounds, Wilson says, this was the easiest work she’s ever done. She captioned this post, “Feeling the burn.” She is at 61 pounds.

In early August, Wilson posted a picture of herself on the phone while eating. She said it was the first time in weeks that she’d eaten, even though she always eats a lot. In this particular photo, Wilson’s eating up their way through a ham sandwich, burrito, bowls of popcorn, chia pumpkin waffle bites and a sugary bar.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss says she has gained back, as a consequence, more weight than she did pre-pregnancy. “This picture was taken in the refrigerator without my being aware that it was even there,” she wrote on Instagram in August.

By November, Wilson posted a post saying that she had lost weight again.

Happy Maternity Day to you, Rebel Wilson.

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